Case Studies

Issue:  A client contacted Meridian wanting to determine what a prior employee of theirs was doing during the day. They were worried that he was falsely claiming Worker’s Compensation payments from their company. The employee was claiming to be suffering extreme pain to his right shoulder, making it impossible to work.

Action: Meridian decided to investigate this man further, initially completing a full background search and then conducting surveillance of the subject over a 4 day period.

Result: During the period of surveillance, the subject was observed several times a day getting in and out of his land cruiser without any signs of pain or discomfort.  Each time the subject got in the 4WD he was observed grabbing the seatbelt with his right hand and pulling it across his lap to buckle it.  While using his right arm he never showed any signs that he was in pain or hurting. The subject was also observed carrying heavy bags out of the shops, walking as normal without seeming to indicate difficulty or any signs of pain. The investigator took pictures of the subject holding the bags.
On day 4, the subject was seen pulling his lawnmower from the garden shed. He then proceeded to mow the lawn, again not showing any signs of difficulty or pain.

The investigator passed the photographs he had taken of the subject back to our client who was grateful that the company had positive proof that the subject’s shoulder no longer seemed to be injured and the company could ask him to come back to work, terminating his Worker’s Compensation.

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