Vandalism and theft from residential building sites

  Vandalism and theft from residential building sites has reached an all-time high and is making new homes in Perth more expensive.

Identify, Process and Resolve workplace bullying

When allegations of bullying are made, companies need to be aware of their risks and obligations. Intervention should be swift and fair ensuring that legitimate bullying cases are processed thoroughly and that unsuccessful allegations are quickly dismissed. You may hesitate to proceed with litigation, fearing it reflects negatively on your company, but recent reports show


As an employer, your company has a legal responsibility under Occupational Health and Safety and anti-discrimination law to provide a safe workplace. Employers have a duty of care for the health and wellbeing of your employees whilst at work. An employer that allows bullying to occur in the workplace is not meeting this responsibility. Any


It can be upsetting when allegations of workplace bullying are made, especially within small to medium sized businesses. At Meridian, we want to take the stress out of the situation and show you how to proceed in an impartial, thorough and professional manner. We believe that managers and supervisors need to be trained to respond


WORKPLACE DISMISSAL: Are you prepared? The recent downturn in the economy has created a spike in unfair dismissal claims which are costing business thousands of dollars. A genuine redundancy is an undeniable defence to an unfair dismissal claim. However, employees who are unaware of a business’s overall profitability or otherwise, or of other relevant changes

Asset Protection- The invisible liquid that could save your company thousands

Asset Protection- The invisible liquid that could save your company thousands Asset protection is perhaps the most misunderstood and neglected form of personal financial planning. It involves trying to protect valuable business assets and private family assets and from theft and misappropriation. Businesses regularly suffer loss of assets from laptops to building materials which when


Infidelity, investment scams, false resumes, fake companies, identity theft, romance scams, corporate espionage are all just a few of the many hundreds of reasons clients are  relying on private investigators. Both business and private clients want to minimize their risk and gather clear evidence ahead of decision making. In today’s world, it’s definitely better to

June WINBAC Dinner

Executive Director of Meridian Services, Nina Hobson, hosted a talk in June at the “Women in Building and Construction” Dinner.

Do you need help protecting your building site?

It seems that now more than ever, construction sites are suffering from the theft of materials, tools and equipment. Will your development be next on the thieves’ list? Construction site theft and vandalism reportedly costs the industry around $25 million dollars annually in Australia. That is without taking into account the impact of building delays, which

Nina Hobson interviewed on Nova

Meridian Services’ number one Private Investigator, Nina Hobson, was recently interviewed on Nova 93.7 to talk about her involvement with the Save African Rhino Foundation. If you missed it, you can listen here for Part 1:/…/nina-part-one-2016-02-01-0… And you can listen here for Part 2: /…/nina-part-two-2016-02-01-0… Meridian Services have been working closely with the Save African Rhino

How do you catch a cheating spouse?

Do you get the feeling that your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you? Do you feel like you are going crazy, checking their phones and computers, not knowing the truth? It can be very difficult to track your partner’s actions and behaviours, especially if you are stuck at home with the kids,

Here’s why you need to perform employee background checks

You’ve finally appointed someone to be in charge of staff recruitment for your business. It’s taken a massive amount of pressure off, as you don’t really have time for it any more with the increased workload of your growing business. You’re sure you’ve made the right decision. Haven’t you? It’s now the new guy’s first
Teenage Girl Being Bullied By Text Message

Is your child subject to vicious online attacks?

Johnny always seems to be on his computer. If not the computer, then he’s on his phone. At the dinner table. In the car on the drive to school. I ask him what he’s doing. Nothing. Who are you texting? Nobody. As soon as I walk into his bedroom he changes whatever screen he’s looking

Rigby Fielding Case Upgraded To Murder Investigation

The Rigby Fielding Missing Persons case has now been upgraded to a Murder Investigation, with Meridian Services continuing to assist the police with their investigations. WA Police Major Crime Squad began their investigations when Mr. Fielding disappeared in August earlier this year. Meridian Services were contacted by the family of Rigby Fielding following their disappointment

Meridian assists with Missing Persons Investigation

Meridian Services have been called into assist with the Rigby Fielding missing persons case. Meridian Services was contacted by Mr. Fielding’s family following their dissatisfaction in the way the case to find their missing loved one had been handled by the police. Mr Fielding was last seen by friends on August 14th 2015 in Perth and

Stop Crime On Your Building Sites!

Are you sick of having your building site materials stolen, and having to fork out ludicrous costs to replace them? Now is your chance to reduce building site theft and vandalism, reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, and help catch those responsible. To combat this growing industry issue, Master Builders and Meridian Services have partnered to provide

Geraldton WINBAC Goes Undercover

Guest speaker at the June Geraldton WinBaC dinner Nina Hobson (right) with Lilly Robson, Nicola Sapsford and Tracey Basile. Master Builders’ Geraldton Branch June Women in Building and Construction dinner with guest speaker Nina Hobson has been acclaimed as, without doubt, a winning event. Regional manager Di Gilleland says Ms Hobson was so interesting and inspiring she was

Prevent crime on your building sites NOW

The following article from the Master Builders WA Express Newsletter has a useful message for members: Our online entry system for our 2016 Master Builders Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards has been popular with more than 250 entries being posted online in its first year of operation. Thanks and good luck to all our entrants! Judging will

Upcoming Pitcher Plus event

We are proud to announce that one of our Directors, Nina Hobson is speaking at the upcoming Pitcher Plus event.

TELSTRA Business Woman Finalist

We are proud to announce that one of our Directors, Nina Hobson has been nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards 2014 and wish her the best of luck and recognition for her hard work. If you would like to be involved and send a message of support and congratulations to be

BUSTED Roadshow

The BUSTED! initiative, with the support of NOVA FM is hitting the road from Monday 11th August through to Wednesday 13th August in select locations in Northern and Southern suburbs to assist in spreading the word in our efforts to combat building site theft. Listen to NOVA FM for further details about locations and times.

Meridian Educating Children on Cybersafety

Space Safe Kidz, an initiative developed by Meridian, is a hands on project for kids by kids andMeridian Educating Children on Cybersafety is designed to educate and reinforce anti bullying and cyber safety messages in a unique way. This community initiative has received outstanding feedback from education professionals parents and students and was recently again featured

BUSTED beating building site crime

In its first six months of operation, BUSTED has had a successful conviction in tackling building site crime, one of the biggest issues facing WA’s building industry. On Tuesday 17 June, 2014 BUSTED was involved in the charge of a bricklayer for burglary on a Dale Alcock home in Piara Waters. BUSTED placed a tracker

2014 Telstra Business Awards

Meridian Services are proud to be a 2014 Small Business finalist in the Telstra Business Awards, and to be recognised in the business community for our hard work and commitment. We’d like to take this opportunity thank our loyal clients and service providers, without you all we would not be here. If you’d like to

Busted Update

A Word From Kev: A lot happens in a few weeks… Since the launch of BUSTED, our members, namely ABN, BGC, JWH & Summit Home Group have hit the ground running with over 170 incidents reported in the first three weeks. Meridian is working with the police and have some strong leads and photographs to

GPS Tracking Offenders Charged

With the continual use of GPS tracking systems within the construction industry, Meridian investigators were notified, via the GPS system, of a burglary in the Wellard area following the removal/theft of a plasma screen from a Dale Alcock Homes display home. Meridian investigators commenced electronic tracking of the plasma screen and dispatched a Surveillance Operative

TELSTRA Business Woman Nominee

We would like to congratulate our Director Nina Hobson for her outstanding performance in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards 2014. Although Nina didn’t win this time, to be shortlisted to the last 6 in the Hudson Award Category out of 4000 applicants was still a fantastic achievement and we are very proud
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Meridian wins WA CPTED Award

Congratulations to the Meridian Team! On December 4, 2013 Meridian Services received the WA CPTED Award for their crime prevention strategy on building sites for Name & Shame. Meridian also receieved another award for reducing illegal rubbish on building sites through the Dob in a Dumper campaign . Further information can be found on the

December is upon us!

The team at Meridian Services would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period. Our phone line remain open during this time. Merry Christmas & happy New Years!

Meridian wins Rising Stars Starlight Challenge

Following our nomination for the 2013 WA Business Rising Star Awards, Meridian Services recieved the ‘Starlight Challenge’ Award. This award was for raising the most amount of donations for the Starlight Childrens Foundation Australia, an effort the entire Meridian team are extremely proud of and honoured to have contributed to such a great cause.  

Meridian Services nominated for Rising Stars

Meridian Services has been nominated for the 2013 WA Business Rising Stars Awards. This award is in recognition of the top 10 growing private businesses in WA. We are very honoured to be in the running for this. Voting is still open, and the winners will be announced on Wednesday the 12th of June.

Copper Pipe Thief Nabbed

At about 10pm on the evening of Wednesday 18th July 2012 a Meridian Security Guard spotted suspicious activity at a client’s construction site in the Redcliffe area. The quick thinking Guard immediately contacted Police before approaching the potential offender and enquiring about the reason for him being on site. On challenging the offender, the male

Meridian Assist with Murder Investigation

During a routine patrol of Banksia Grove and while assisting with the Name and Shame Campaign with illegal rubbish dumping, a Meridian Security Officer discovered the stock of a firearm. The firearm was located in a skip bin on the building site belonging to a Name and Shame Campaign member. Meridian Security Officers reported the

Chameleon Has Arrived

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) has now commenced implementation of the Chameleon Asset Protection Initiative. Application of the Chameleon product has commenced on FMG sites in the North West of the state with the initiative soon to be rolled out across all operations. The loss of equipment is problematic for many organisations, which impacts directly on


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