Asset Protection

At various times a business can suffer from unacceptable loss of assets, resulting in considerable downtime, reduced efficiencies and loss of trust between employer, employee and contractors. This results in significant cost to these organisations. Meridian Services provides asset protection, with a focus on clients within the resource and construction sectors.

We have partnered with a local manufacturer to develop a unique initiative to provide superior asset protection. The initiative includes a unique invisible liquid applied to assets which, through its individual chemical fingerprint, will confirm 100% ownership of the asset to our clients. Incorporated into an ongoing strategy to increase awareness amongst staff, contractors and the wider community, it will change the culture within organisations and undoubtedly reduce the loss of assets and associated costs.

This is a comprehensive process, with majority of the search including social networking website activities. Comments on social media, blog posts, app use and email records all form part of your online history and can potentially be seen by other people or tracked into a database.